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When I was eight I wanted  a guitar for Christmas. I got what I wanted but what I did not want was sitting through group lessons at the local school and practicing.  I was more interested in getting my boots and hands dirty outdoors. Soon my guitar became a decoration hanging on the living room wall. It wasn't until Rock music became very popular that I started to become interested in music again. I realized practicing is important, so I did a lot of it, learning popular songs of Rock and Blues. I formed a band and organized concert in my small hometown in Austria.
My interest in American music finally brought me to the US. Here I studied Jazz, Rock ,Blues, and now Country and Folk. I played in numerous bands throughout New England and the Mid West. Over the years I recorded several albums covering a range of styles. I am very grateful having the opportunity to play bass with the EXP Band. I am hooked.

My name is Amber-Rose, but people tend to just call me Rose. I guess you could say I have been singing my entire life (in my bedroom or shower). I sang in public for the first time when I was eighteen. Ever since then I have competed in country competitions, sang solo gigs, and sang with local bands/ duos. I am proud to say that I have accomplished a lot in my short time singing, including being a multi award winning entertainer / vocalist for NHCMA and NACMAI. Music is my life and passion. I am happy to be surrounded by music through work, home and now the EXP Band.

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Rob Randlett ​

Lead Singer/guitar

:Awarded new country most promising vocalist of the year 2019
:Awarded new country  Male Entertainr of the year 
I was awarded Nh Country Music Association New Country New :Country Male Vocalist and Male :Entertainer Of the year 2018.

Grew up in Wilmington Ma. Currently reside in Manchester NH. I started playing guitar at age 30. I soon realized later on in my life that I could sing. I began studying other musicians ,how the preformed , how the controled there voice and began to develop the bug!  I was inspired by Local Musicians  realizing that  I could do this music life too. I took guitar playing more seriously and started taking
lessons.  I began doing Open Mics everywhere I could ,  I joined a rock/punk band and loved it. After awhile the band parted ways. My life took a turn, and began to write, Lyrics were pooring out one after another ! I began  a solo act, traveling around just wanting to be heard. It wasnt until later I realized  Country Music was my true calling ... and started The Rob Randlett Experience Band,and slowly turned into The Exp Band